“We read what they say about us… For the moment it’s fine”

The defender of the Blues appeared on Monday in front of the press two days before the match against Tunisia.

Special Envoy to Doha,

His sensations at the side position
“I feel good, as the coach said, we talked about it before the competition. I knew what my role was going to be. I accepted it. I’m happy with the qualification, the match and personally there are things to improve. (axis of progression) On the offensive contribution, to have more technical accuracy, I lost balls a little easy and I have to communicate more with my partners. I have no reluctance to play in this position, when you are in the France team, it’s a chance. I always tried to do my best with a lot of desire. I am progressing little by little, especially on the offensive part. (If he can help out on the left) It’s yet another position, we’ll see what the coach decides…”

His discussions with the coach
“We discussed before the list and during the preparation. It is important before starting a competition to know the role we will have. This allowed me to really focus on it and to be relaxed. Ousmane (Dembele)? It helps me (that he is on the same side), we have already evolved together on the right, I know what his strengths and weaknesses are, we play together at Barça… He was invaluable in his defensive support (against the Denmark), it’s always a pleasure to play with him. »

Competition with Pavard
“It’s very healthy competition. We discuss, we each bring the maximum to the team and then the coach makes the decisions. It’s not the position where we are the most comfortable, but we have the maximum desire and we want to bring the most to the team. »

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Group life between new and old
“Group life is very important, it’s going very well. The mix of generations is going really well. Everyone can express themselves, laugh, give advice, exchange. This necessarily impacts the rest and the fact that we are efficient. The group gets along very well outside and it shows on the pitch. »

His opinion on Griezmann’s performance as a torchbearer
” Surprised ? No, I think he’s a player with technical quality who can play and do well in all positions. He is not used to evolving there but he did it very well. He makes the effort for the team, even when he is higher up the pitch. He has always been important on defensive returns, and in this position it is even more highlighted. There may be adjustments because he does not have all the benchmarks but the coach has discussed with him, and he is as valuable defensively as offensively. »

The 3e match against Tunisia
“Everyone is very concerned, we are aware that some with less playing time may have some. With this possibility comes a lot of desire, the group is quite young. It’s not that those who have more experience have less desire, but when you have less (experience), it’s even more marked. I have no doubt about that. We don’t think the game will be easy vs Tunisia. We want to do 9/9. »

His opinion on the tactics of the Blues
“It depends on the opponent you meet. Denmark get the ball out well, are clever in their way of positioning themselves, which makes the pressure more complex. We tend to stay well in block, not very high, but as soon as the opponent enters this zone, the coach asks us to be aggressive, to defend by advancing but not by being very high. »

How he saw the criticism around the selection
“Yes I read, I watch and I listen to what is said about us or me. Afterwards, criticism is part of the job, you have to accept it, but it’s better when it’s constructive (smile), I live that well. (Instructions to loved ones) I didn’t give them any instructions, but sometimes it can lead to touching our loved ones more than ourselves. For the moment it is going well. »

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