“We regret any event that interrupts healthy coexistence in an educational establishment”

DVarious episodes of violence in educational establishments have been recorded since the return to face-to-face classes, this first semester, in the commune of Punta Arenas.

The last was the writing, found in the bathroom of the Umag Experimental Lyceum, where a “possible shooting” is referred to, a situation that alarmed the authorities, who made the respective complaint and suspended classes on Tuesday, June 28.

Faced with this scenario, Pingüino Multimedia contacted the Seremi of Education, Valentín Aguilera Gómez, who referred to this new chapter of school violence in the commune.

In the first place, the SEREMI regretted the fact, in particular, for interrupting school life within an educational facility.

In addition, Aguilera added that, “we are concerned”, in view of this Tuesday’s session was suspended, “to give greater security to the educational community and that the corresponding institutions do the necessary steps to clarify the facts.”

return to regularity

In cases like these, the Seremi Aguilera states that it is essential to restore regularity in the school, this through the coexistence teams and direct advice, and then continue with other actions.

“It has been a task typical of this year, both at the country level and in the region. The development of days of school coexistence, of non-sexist education, precisely, so that we have a better climate in schools, nor it has been a simple return ”, establishes Aguilera.

The authority highlights that these meetings will continue this second semester, “we are working on the guidelines that the communities propose to us, which we fundamentally put first, which is the socio-emotional well-being of the students, and then, to the extent of each community, let us face the different learning and curricular challenges that each school has”, pointed out the education seremi.

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