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With head-on coach Rahul Dravid declaring that the Indian team should have declared Day 4 ahead of the Kanpur Test draw, New Zealand said it would have been a good chance for New Zealand to win.

Asked if Akshar Patel and Viruthiman Saha would have scored a little more, he said, “Maybe half an hour more on the 4th day of the match. I do not think so. If Declare had done so in advance, we would have been under a lot of pressure because all three results would have been possible. ”

“Honestly, if we were all out, what would have happened if 3 wickets had fallen in quick succession?” What if we had lost those 3 wickets 110 overs New Zealand would have had to chase 240 runs. 2.2 per over. Or only 2.3 runs are required. So my reading of the game was not that, Akshar Patel, Saha Partnership we needed.

We lost Shreyas Iyer wicket before tea break. 167/7 to 230/7 is much needed. If the balls in the pitch had bounced back terribly or if the balls had slipped evenly on both edges of the bat, the declaration may have been made in advance.

Even in this situation, the opponents needed less than 3 runs per over to win. Once the two batteries are settled they are more likely to win. So the declaration is correct. We took one wicket on the 4th day and came close on the 5th day. People forget that we were under a lot of pressure, really stressed, even though it was declared 45 minutes ago.

The pitch was like no big bite except the balls came in low and slow and did not rise. The balls do not return, which means that on both Indian pitches on the 4th and 5th day, both the batsmen come into the game. There is absolutely no catch for silk spinners on the outer edge of the bat in this Test match. Even the edge taken on the last day did not go into the hands of the fielder and fell prematurely. The only way is to drop the LP in the form of bowls, it is difficult to take wickets when they play that simply do not run in that position.

Both teams showed quality bowling and batting on this pitch and a sluggish Test match took place on this dull pitch. Otherwise we would have seen a dull draw, ”Rahul Dravid explained at length.

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