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Mahmood is one of the guests of the fourth evening of the Sanremo 2021 Festival. The career of the Milan singer did not start from the Ariston stage, but it is there that his star can be said to have been born. Arrived as winner of the Youth, Mahmood surprised everyone with his “Money” immediately conquering radio and charts. A career that definitely exploded a few months later, when Mahmood took her to the Eurovision Song Contest, unfolding throughout Europe.

The Mahmood medley

The singer takes the stage after the end of Madame’s performance, perhaps the best launch that could be had, if anything he needs some push, since the singer’s performance is very powerful and is paired with Elodie’s explosive medley of the second. evening. But it was not difficult to imagine knowing the artist, who for this evening wanted to combine songs such as “Rapide”, the latest single “Inuyasha”, released a few weeks ago, the hits “Barrio” and “Calipso” (a song by Charlie Charles and Dardust which initially included the voices of Sfera Ebbasta and Fabri Fibra in addition to his) while the closing is entrusted, obviously to Soldi.

Another winner of the Festival as a guest

After the guests of Diodato, winner of 2020, who opened the first evening and of Il Volo, also winner at the festival, and present to pay tribute to Ennio Morricone, Mahmood is the third winner (not in the race) who treads that stage and will do so with a medley of some of his most loved songs. The singer was somehow already present at this edition, but as an author, since among others the song by Francesca Michielin and Fedez bears his signature.

The new album in the spring

This performance served, as well as to launch her latest single Inuyasha, a ballad inspired by a japanese manga written together with Dardust (who is also its producer), also to announce his next album. In fact, two years after the release of “Burnt Youth”, Mahmood will release the new album next spring.

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