“We will attack with a unique weapon”: the dramatic threat of a senior member of the Russian parliament to the US

“We will attack with a unique weapon”: the dramatic threat of a senior member of the Russian parliament to the US

Russia-Ukraine War: The bloody war that began in February 2022 has been going on for more than a year, and seems far from over, but will the war even expand? according to the statement of Nikolai PetrushevSecretary of the Security Council of Russia, it seems that, after suggesting to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putinto attack the US with a “unique” weapon.

Petrushev, a close associate of Putin, who has been in office since 2008, was interviewed by the state newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” and focused on relations between Russia and the United States. During the interview, he claimed that “Americans have stupidity and short-term vision.” According to him, “For some reason, American politicians Captives in propaganda that promotes a direct conflict with Russia, and in which it is claimed that the US is capable of launching a missile attack, after which Russia will not be able to respond.”

Ballistic missiles of the Russian army in a military parade in Red Square (Photo: DIMITAR DILKOFF via GettyImages)

Petrushev added that “this is stupidity and these are very dangerous statements. Russia is patient and not afraid, we have a unique and modern weapon that can destroy any enemy, including the US in the event of a threat to our existence”. Although relations between Russia and the US have had ups and downs In recent years, the rhetoric of threats has intensified since the war in Europe began. The US has provided Ukraine with extensive military aid, with Russian officials repeatedly raising the possibility of an attack against the US.

However, in the “Newsweek” weekly, they explained that it is not clear what unique and modern weapon Petrushev is referring to, even after contacting missile experts in the world. Petrushev’s words come shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia had signed an agreement with neighboring Belarus under which Moscow would deploy tactical nuclear weapons on its territory. “This move will not violate the nuclear non-proliferation agreements,” Putin said. The president also added that “the United States has placed nuclear weapons on the territory of European allies”.


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