“We will look for solutions … if there are any”, breathes Collet

“We will look for solutions … if there are any”, breathes Collet

2023-06-10 23:38:35

The Mets coach takes stock after his team’s debacle on the Monaco floor on Saturday in the first game of the Betclic Elite final.

Vincent Collet (Boulogne-Levallois Mets coach, after the defeat in Monaco on Saturday evening): «We had a dramatic 2nd quarter. We sank. We don’t often do that. But there, we even had a renunciation. We forgot to fall back. They were given easy baskets. This is not acceptable from us. We respected them too much in the first half. I found my team too wait-and-see. At halftime, we knew that the first round was lost. But I think this game will define the series.

However, beyond the defeat, what is worrying is the balance of power. We were very dominated. We will look for solutions if there are any. But to reverse the trend, much progress is needed until Monday. We have little time. It is necessary to be irreproachable in the attitudes, that was not the case. The worst statistic is Monaco’s 15 offensive rebounds. This is unacceptable. We need reaction, in harshness and in combat.»

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