“We will not take a championship and we will not go down. If necessary we will change in January”

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After three games without a win, Maccabi Netanya will host Maccabi Petah Tikva (17:30) next Saturday in a battle for six points, while among the diamonds they know that less than a victory and a place among the top six may go away. In preparation for this, a press conference was held today (Thursday) at which coach Bnei Lem spoke.

“If we take all the last five rounds, in four and a half games we have been good,” he said Lem. “I can not complain to the team about one bad half. The break was personally good for me. I went straight into three tough games, but during the break I got to know each and every player in depth. We were also in training camp and it helped me even more to improve a few things. I believe we come more prepared for our next game. “

Bnei Lem: There is good karma in Maccabi Netanya

Lem continued: “There are no problems. It sounds like we lost the last games. We won Maccabi Tel Aviv, we drew against BS with ten players. There is a great team with good players. I got to see players who want and work and everything you tell them is done 100% percent. Maccabi Netanya will not take a championship but will not be relegated either. I try to have offensive and good football and that we will bring interest to the audience as well and that he will enjoy it. So far overall it looks good.

The coach on the expectations he created from the start: “It’s not just me. The crowd also saw that there is a team. I do not think it’s just enthusiasm. Seeing the players as they played is also an ability. Seeing the team’s methods. Obviously there are some things that are less good and we need to improve. If not, we will have to make some changes in January if necessary. “

Lem talked about the importance of the game and the fact that the team is a point above the red line: “We are also two points from the top playoffs. We are talking about a very important game, but on Tuesday there is also an important game and so on Saturday. Each game is on its own. “He’s the biggest enemy of the player or of the human being in general. We have to calm the players and bring our produce already on Saturday. The load? I do not think about how to divide the forces or on Tuesday. What matters is the game on Saturday.”

The coach commented on Almog Cohen’s return to training: “The truth is that he has all the respect. He does everything to take care of himself, to train. He wants to return, it is not easy for him. He wants to help the team, he does treatments and bites his lip. On Saturday or next week. “

Bnei Lem on the summons to the team and the atmosphere in the club: “There is good karma. Something good is happening, it’s clear. Buying subscribers, the crowd comes in unusual amounts. There are three team players in the Olympics and two in the senior. The youth team suddenly wins and looks good. Many young players want to come To Maccabi Netanya. My and the players’ wisdom is to keep it. Gaining weight is easy, losing it is difficult. I want to read to the audience here: It is not wise to come to the sexy games against Maccabi Tel Aviv and BS. The same points are obtained against Maccabi Petah Tikva . You do not get five points against Maccabi Tel Aviv and three against Maccabi Petah Tikva. The audience is the 12th player, we need him. It helped us in the home games and we expect him to come against Maccabi Petah Tikva as well.


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