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In these hours, a small diplomatic crisis has opened between the eighteen-year-old singer finalist of Amici 2020 and his fans: in the video of the song to be released shortly, a choreography that completely ignores the steps adopted en masse by the TikTok community in recent weeks will be used. .

The song Malibu of the eighteen year old Sangiovanni is officially one of the most played summer hits by radios and users on local streaming platforms, but as regards the dance that goes with the song a small diplomatic crisis has just opened between the finalist singer of Amici 2020 and his fans: in the video of the song, coming soon, the choreography was entrusted to the talented Giulia Stabile, who however opted for completely different movements and steps from those who in recent weeks the TikTok community elected to official ball.

The viral dance

In fact, for weeks TikTok users have been dancing to Malibu tunes using i dance steps created by the tiktoker Sartini. The 16-year-old boy has created simple but captivating movements and above all easy to reproduce, thus crossing the favor of an increasing number of subscribers who have replicated them by proposing their version on the video sharing platform. The whirlwind of videos the result has significantly contributed to the diffusion of the piece among an audience of young and very young people who in this way have strengthened their bond with Sangiovanni or have discovered a new favorite singer.

User reaction

The mechanism is not unheard of within TikTok and can literally make a song lucky o launch entire musical careers, but the decision taken by Sangiovanni and Stabile to create a new and more complex choreography row directly against you. The new steps that will be present in the video, announced in preview on social networks, are technically better and probably more suitable for a commercial product like a video clip, but also more difficult to replicate and in a certain sense devoid of the spontaneity that made Sartini’s dance viral – it can be danced easily on the beach on video to be published and shared endlessly throughout the summer. Giulia Stabile’s choreography cannot fail to conquer Sangiovanni fans and more, but on TikTok users have already expressed an opinion: for them the only dance linked to Malibu will remain that of Sartini.

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