Weak Gandhi, Desperate India | helpless Gandhi, Desperate India

Weak Gandhi, Desperate India |  helpless Gandhi, Desperate India

The distance from Porbandar to Vadnagar is less than 500 km. But, from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to Narendra Damodardas. The distance to Di is not that. One, the beacon of the past century. Second, the present ruler of India. Symbols of two schools of thought. Measuring the infinite distance from non-violence to intolerance It is not possible to take it. But there is one thing; The politics of intolerance has subverted the doctrine of non-violence. there is After passing seven and a half decades with the blood of the Mahatma, Lo That is the evolution that happened to the largest democratic state in the world. Durba Gandhi who fought for a pluralistic India that includes all Lanaki became a champion of intolerance and Indian patriotism. It’s happening. To defeat the divided and ruled British with unity and sacrifice A political strategy that divides and governs internally T jumps.

India’s and the world’s vibrant times cannot erase Gandhi. But, history can be cut. Thus, those who overtook Gandhi and adapted to the new politics are the ones of history. From the back to the front is an elephant with a club and a lion. of The concepts of non-violence and secularism have become unimportant. Veer Parivesham to those who advocated war struggle and Hindu patriotism. Coming in. Indian Chari for Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose or Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Cannot write to the space in Thru. However, the possibilities of armed revolution in the freedom struggle were sought. Urukkumanu played a crucial role in shaping India. Patel, who has become a Christian, likes Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. They become a means to defeat. Savarkar as a contributor to nation building through it. Goalkeepers celebrate everything. Nathuram Vinayak Godse is a hero to the ruling party. Run The bar is raised for him.

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However, neither democratic India nor the world has given up on everything. . Those who hold constitutional positions You can’t help but bow down. Meanwhile, Gandhi’s spectacles become a companion to government seals. Even as Parliament looked on, Ambedkar was given a constitutional salute. The respect is increasing. Among these stages where the eyes are more focused on the vote, the administration itself. Conceptual concepts are torn apart. 370 Ward Special Title or State Title for Jammu and Kashmir Nissankocham decides that there is no vashyam. When independent India was born, Babri Masjid was in Ayodhya, but Bhara Rama temple built where the minarets of Nagahtana were destroyed The stage is set for the 2024 polls. Status quo on Independence Day should be maintained Mum looks at the Shiva lingam in the Gyanvapi temple. After Kashi, the army of Karseva will rise in Mathura too. of RSS Muslims to see India as a kingdom of Hindus and live. insisting The judges who awarded the verdict were in the Rajya Sabha and the Human Rights Commission. Ensures that all targets are met. Govt asks Judge Appointment Committee for ‘impartial’ administration of justice Law Minister pleads for food.

Hindu and Muslim who experienced freedom war together and all other Indians as one and encouraged to Gandhi lacked ability to live and continue. For the interest of the Hindus, the Muslims were treated in a position where they had to Godse came down with a gun because he could not suppress his feelings. Th. When those who idolize Gandhi’s assassin rule the country, the Muslim apa Both cannot be dual citizens. In Gujarat, where the administration facilitated genocide, justice for the victims Iron is not enough for those who fought for it. Accused convicted by court for gang rape win He received them with sweet garlands and said that he was coming down from Lille. There will be no one to guarantee it. A bulldozer that can knock down everything is a ‘powerful’ regime. Ri’s leader and Chief Minister is not ‘Bulldozer Baba’ no 56 inches of chest in front of the people who kissed the half-naked Gandhi There should be no special qualification of the Kacha ruler. The rulers did not feel that religion should be a part of citizenship. . Pride of cow Hindus who were hungry for vote politics fraud And social status with a snarky Muslim counterpart. No return. To glorify muscle power and supremacy over the Hindu theme. Lum. In Gandhi’s country, where the power of tolerance was proved, the protests were defeated. Even touching it is a political combination of false nationalism and Hinduism. Through the cracks.

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Continue towards Gandhi’s dreams and Gandhi’s great legacy. Another blood witness anniversary arrives as T emerges. Those who love the idea of ​​India will pass away before Gandhi. I am also being killed. Intolerance grew and turned into a coreless populist form. Yes, how much did Gandhi’s martyrdom change India?


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