Weather: a new heat wave could occur as early as next week

The wave of mildness and rainfall that the country is currently experiencing may not last. A fourth heat wave could even set in next week. From this weekend, according to Météo France forecasts, the heat could gradually return, remaining moderate at first before accelerating.

In the south of the country, maximum temperatures will reach 25-32°C while the northern half will enjoy temperatures ranging from 23-27°C. Météo France indicates that the mercury should then rise a few degrees before a sharp rise from Tuesday August 23. Temperatures will then be 7 to 11°C above normal for the season and will reach the northern half in the middle of the week with potentially more than 35°C.

Up to 40°C in places

The Weather Channel is thus forecasting temperatures that will reach and even exceed 40°C in places, both in the south and in the north between August 22 and 28. According to a forecaster of the chain, the storms of the week should give way to “high atmospheric pressures” which will bring a new heat wave.

The seven-day forecasts are relatively accurate and according to the Weather Channel, “the stability of weather models for several days” suggests that this heat episode is going to happen. “Like previous heat waves this summer, it would seem that the western and southern regions are once again the most impacted. It seems that the 40°C mark could be reached again in the south-west of France. In the north of the country, 35 ° C should also be reached, ”says the forecaster of the chain.

According to Météo France, there will indeed be high temperatures from next weekend. However, it is still too early to know the intensity and duration of this episode. In the meantime, violent storms and even a Mediterranean episode will hit France until Thursday.


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