“Well all the blues on their knees against racism”

“Oronzo Canà was listened to, as always because he always gives good advice: he said that a single directive was needed to ensure that our Azzurri players would all play the gesture against racism before the game and did not remain half kneeling and half standing, giving a bad image of the National. Now, it is good that everyone does that gesture, without distinction because we are all against racism “. Lino Banfi, wearing the shoes of Oronzo Canà ‘coach in the ball’ of the cult film of the same name, expresses his satisfaction to AdnKronos, at the news that before the whistle to start the match against Belgium for the conquest of the semifinal at the European football kneeling in the field.

“Now, however – adds Banfi-Canà ‘insatiable’ – they must also listen to me on superstitious cry of the ‘porca puttena’ which I launched as an idea, was welcomed by captain Chiellini and ‘blessed’ by ct Mancini. I saw that only two Neapolitans, Immobile and Insigne, they did, on the occasion of the debut match of the national team against Turkey. Instead, all the blues have to do it again. And if I can make a wish, I wish this time it was the turn of Spinazzola, for three reasons: he is not southern, he is always among the best in the field, favoring the goals of his teammates, and then … he is a Roma player like me! He deserves to score a goal and to yelling at the top of your throat ‘holy shit!’…”.

(by Enzo Bonaiuto)


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