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WhatsApp shopping

After a pilot that was a great success in India, the WhatsApp shops service (WhatsApp stores) was launched many months ago, which integrates the online shopping experience within the social network. Facebook has promised that it is expected to reach “selected countries” soon, but Israel has not yet Between them.

How will it work? Instead of picking up the phone and dictating an order, you simply go to the business’s WhatsApp, and click on the icon. In the window that appears, which includes a catalog of the products in the store, select the desired ingredients, and simply click “Send”. The owner of the confectionery sends you a link to pay, you return a click – and the delivery is on its way. All without leaving WhatsApp.

Run on multiple devices

Currently, in the official version of WhatsApp, without your smartphone in the area you will not be able to run the app on your computer, as synchronization between the two is required. But a recently released beta version for all users now allows it to run on any device independently; That is, on several devices simultaneously (up to four), and even if the phone is turned off. In “Settings” go to “Linked devices”.

Separate expiration time for each message

WhatsApp has long since adopted the option of messages disappearing after 7 days (“Temporary Messages” – an option that will appear by clicking on a contact’s name during a chat). In the beta version you can already choose you can already choose between one day and 7 days, for 90 days.

Included in voicemails

WhatsApp is gradually improving the audio capabilities of the app. If currently recording a message on Android requires one sequence, the intention is to allow the recording to be stopped and resumed later. In addition, if you listen to a voice message, it will not stop, as it does today, due to the closing of the app or a call entry, but will move to the track at the top of the screen, where audio buttons will be displayed: play, stop and replay.

An automatic transcript of voicemails is also expected later, so that they will also appear as text on the monitor.

“Looks / Tea Recently” is selective

WhatsApp, as is well known, includes information that appears under the name of a contact, which indicates when “you last saw”, ie when you last launched the app. Nowadays it is no problem to hide this information from all the contacts, but in the latest beta version, you can only select certain contacts before which it will not be revealed. By the way, it will be mutual: you too will not know when they were last seen.

Create stickers on your computer

In the browser version of WhatsApp, it is now possible not only to use emoji, but also to create personal stickers (stickers) directly from the interface. Later it will also be possible to do this in the Windows application. The new interface, meanwhile, allows for basic editing of stickers, including adding text. Note that support for Hebrew is still partial. Develop a chat, next to the conversation pane select the clip icon (“Insert”) and select the “Sticker” option.

Emoji strap for quick response

A strip of common emoji symbols (“happy”, “sad”, “loving”, “angry”, etc.), which appears directly below the comment window in the chat, saving valuable time searching for a suitable emoji for a quick response. You will not find it by default, but it can be run permanently through the settings. The track is already integrated in beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iPhone, but not in an official version.

Delete a message indefinitely

Currently, WhatsApp limits the option to delete a message after you have sent it (68 minutes and 16 seconds). According to one of the beta versions, this limitation will be completely removed. This means you can easily remotely delete messages you’ve ever sent to others before.

Groups within groups

WhatsApp develops a feature called “Communities”, which are basically a group within a group: an administrator of an existing group can open an internal group within it for specific users. The feature can be used, for example, for small task teams set up ad hoc within a larger group, for a group of employees organizing for a trip abroad, or for a party committee organized within a parent group.

Encryption also for backup

Despite WhatsApp’s pride in encrypting its “end-to-end” chats, it also warns fairly that when backing up your call history in the cloud, this backup is unencrypted and depends on the level of information protection on Google’s servers.

In a new update of the app that is expected to gradually reach all participants, the encryption is finally expanding to the backed up information as well. Access to a backup requires a strong (64-bit) encrypted key stored by the user, or a password that will allow access to such a key.

Transfer from iPhone to Android

Did you cross the lines from iPhone to Android? Such a decision now requires a waiver of your WhatsApp call history (unless you have a new Samsung device, which offers a built-in mechanism for orderly transfer). The good news: The Android 12 version, which is being introduced gradually these days around the world, finally allows such a transfer with relative ease, including video files and photos.

The operation requires a physical connection between the devices

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