What are we ordering today: a colorful bowl full of goodness. and a fish Probably a fish too

What are we ordering today: a colorful bowl full of goodness.  and a fish  Probably a fish too

2023-06-06 10:25:14

When it comes to food, it’s hard to say that we in the Time Out system tend to encourage healthy choices. Nevertheless, we are more inclined to do articles about Donist restaurants, and less about gyms. But from time to time we also know that we need to eat something healthy, and even if the cliché of “healthy can also be delicious” is an unbearable slogan of dietitians, sometimes (far away, well) it is also true. In the case of pokey bowls, it’s doubly true, and it’s also insanely Instagrammable.

Lets do the hokey pokey. pokeshop. Photo: Anatoly Michaelo

In recent years, Tel Aviv has been renewed in a number of poki shops – bowls full of vegetables, legumes, sauces and toppings, so that they are basically a disordered and not mixed salad. One of the best of them, thanks in part to its tendency toward freshness, is the Poke Shop chain, which has two delivery branches in Tel Aviv (Even Gvirol and Herzl), and provides colorful bowls with a very wide variety of options for filling. Each dish has a base protein, usually based on some kind of fish (although there is also tofu), alongside a base of rice, noodles or quinoa, for example, and five side dishes. Of course, it is possible (and desirable) to add more, if you are willing to pay, but there is a point where even a bowl of pokey stops being healthy and starts to be a mess.

Like an endless puzzle.  PokeShop (Photo: Sapir Khosa)

Like an endless puzzle. PokeShop (Photo: Sapir Khosa)

Recommended dish: The truth is that it is very difficult to recommend a specific dish in a meal that you put together, so choose the fish you like and indulge yourself. We always lean towards salmon, but that’s because we are Basic Beaches.
Is there an option for vegans? Oh, that’s the great advantage of pokies – you assemble it as you wish. Go for the tofu pokka dish (NIS 47), and you’ll have a blast.
How to order? in delivery or in Volt
and if idont want to? If all this healthy makes you sick, yesterday we recommended the best medicine – Excellent shawarma. If you still prefer something else, we have a huge list of The best deliveries in Tel Aviv. May you be healthy.

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