Annur: To improve the drinking water supply, the Executive Engineer conducted a survey in Annur. It has been announced that those who need a new connection can apply.

In Annur municipality, in 15 wards, 28 thousand people live. In the municipality, there are 5,500 drinking water connections. The Annur, Avinashi, Mopripalayam joint drinking water project was completed at a cost of Rs 240 crore and started functioning three months ago. Drinking water supply is very low in some areas. Thus the people of the area are in trouble.

The matter was reported to the Drinking Water Drainage Board on behalf of the municipality. Subsequently, Drinking Water Drainage Board Executive Engineer Lakshmanan and Assistant Executive Engineer Venkatesh inspected the overhead tank with a capacity of 1 lakh 60 thousand liters at Countampalayam near Annur. They then inspected the Akkarai Red School drinking water treatment plant and pumping station.

During the inspection, Mayor Parameswaran, Councilors Kanchana Sivakumar, Rasathi Chinnachamy and Gunasundari Ranjithkumar presented their drinking water demands to the authorities. According to the officials involved in the study, 21 lakh 50 thousand liters of water is supplied to the municipality daily. So, there is no shortage of drinking water. Measures will be taken to install a valve or expand the pipe in the area where the supply is low.

Mayor Parameswaran said, “Homes, shops and commercial establishments that need a new drinking water pipe connection in the Annur municipality can apply to the Annur municipality and pay the appropriate deposit.”


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