What changes will there be in Twitter with the purchase of Elon Musk?

The lives of Twitter and Elon Musk seem to finally come together with a happy ending. The South African tycoon, CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, announced on Tuesday that he was giving up the lawsuit he had with the social network and was putting the initial offer to acquire it back on the table.

A total of $44 billion to take over the ‘microblogging’ network that he denounced for lack of transparency by refusing Twitter to offer Musk the truth about the fake automated users, the famous ‘bots’.

He has decided, however, to forget about those differences, avoid a bigger problem in court, and go ahead with the purchase. In addition, on more than one occasion, Musk has hinted at ideas of what he intends to do with one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Free and uncensored speech

Musk is a ardent defender of freedom of expression to everything. That is why it is speculated that, with its arrival on Twitter, the moderation to which the network is subjected, especially when it comes to sensitive issues, will disappear.

This may even affect accounts censored in certain territories due to the war in ukraine or Donald Trump himself, banned by Twitter in a controversial decision by the company.

Calls and messages?

Another of the projects that Musk is considering for Twitter is to add other functionalities to the social network: such as allowing calls to be made or integrating messaging services in what he has come to call X, the application for everything.

End the bots

Of course, Musk’s crusade against the ‘bots’ will have a special role in his career at the head of Twitter and it is expected that he will try to find a way to make them disappear completely.

The ever-recurring edit button

The possibility of including the option to edit already published tweets has been a recurring idea since almost the beginning of Twitter. Musk has always been in favor of this functionality despite the conflicts it can generate and, even from the network itself, has raised it on more than one occasion.

Whatever happens, when the purchase materializes, Twitter, as we know it, may has gone down in history forever.


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