What critics say about the trending series on Netflix

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What critics say about the trending series on Netflix

Days ago, Netflix premiered the series The Lincoln Lawyer. Based on the novel The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly in 2008 and starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, it did not take long for it to become one of the most watched in Argentina. The synopsis for the series reads: “When his old partner at the law firm is murdered, Mickey Haller has to take over his law firm, including the murder trial of a high-level character. And as he takes on the biggest case he’s ever had in his career, looking at it from the backseat of his Lincoln, Mickey finds there may be more at stake than he thought.”

Despite its success within the audience, critics have not listed it among the best of the giant of the N. In any case, he does recognize that the series has certain elements of great narrative strength that are the reason for its pregnance in the public. From Escribiendo Cine they express that The Lincoln Lawyer contains “high doses of suspense and crime to an intriguing narrative framework and where the very good handling of information and the development of the key characters plays an essential role so that the action and rhythm do not falter.”

The Lincoln Lawyer (2022). Photo: Netflix.

Among the mixed reviews is also that of The Guardian, which judged it as a series that has passed without pain or glory: “The Lincoln Lawyer It won’t do any harm, but it certainly won’t do any good.” For its part, Variety said: “Garcia-Rulfo is an attractive actor, but he is surprisingly in a subdued key. His Mickey can feel like a character that things just happen to.even as the script and story insist that his mind is racked by possibilities.”

The series stars Garcia Rulfo (Goliath) in the title role of Mickey Haller; the recognized Neve Campbell (Scream) as Maggie McPherson; Becki Newton (Tell Me a Story) who plays Lorna; Jazz Raycole as Izzy; Angus Sampson like Cisco; Y Christopher Gorham in charge of the role of Trevor Elliott.

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