Actor Santosh Pandit has said that he is with the survivors in the case of the attack on the actress from then till now and he believes that the survivors will get justice.

Santhosh Pandit’s Note –

The position of the Pandit ..

It has been five years since the famous actress was attacked. From then until this very moment I have taken the position that with the actress, they should get justice as soon as possible and the real culprits should be punished. A court ruling is expected soon.

During this period many of the actors and actresses who were with them defected, a lot of witnesses defected and even the prosecutor who said so is resigning. No one reacted against them.

Filmmakers suffer more than politicians. What did they do to get justice for a co-worker? If they were enthusiastic filmmakers, they would have got justice long ago. But jealousy, envy, rivalry, and revenge are some of the pastimes that many do.

Some have been making jokes and recently shedding crocodile tears. It seems that many people came to know about this subject five years later. (Some with survivors, some with prayers for the hunter, some with Pulsar Suni. With him? ….)

(Valkashnam .. Others said she was a survivor …. But the actress proved in these five years that she is brave and not a victim …. Good, great ..)


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