What do Sandy and I have? I’m going to do this for sure… wife’s grumpy…

Dance master Sandy has become a sought after dancer in Tamil cinema today. Although he has choreographed for a few films, recently he has danced to the Lord himself and today he stands as a celebrated artiste.

In the recently released Lokesh-directed film Vikram, he took great pride in teaching Kamal to dance for the song Pathala Pathala. After the success of this song in the film, Sandy has started getting more and more films.


He initially became famous by participating as a dance master on a private television. Then it gradually grew and today Ninga occupies a place in people’s minds. He is married and has two children. He used to cheer people up by participating in Bigg Boss.


In this situation, his ex-wife and actress Kajal Pashupati got divorced and Sandy has married for the second time. But Kajal gets tattooed on Sandy’s face. I definitely have to take this one. Do you know how much it hurts? He still says I don’t need it. Although divorced, Kajal says that she still talks to Sandy and his second wife from time to time.

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