What does iOS 16 hide from undisclosed advantages?

date of publication:
25 September 2022 15:58 GMT

Update date: 25 September 2022 16:45 GMT

A technical report revealed some hidden advantages in the “iOS 16” operating system from Apple.

The report, published by “tomsguide”, said that many advantages of this system were announced earlier, including “the ability to customize a lock screen for iPhones, cancel sending a text message, or change the way notifications are displayed.”

The site added that “as with any system (iOS), there is a lot to discover in it,” presenting 5 hidden features that it contains.

Undo and Redo Edits in iOS Photos

It is known that the “iOS Photos” application allows many modifications to be made to photos, and with the operating system (iOS 16), this feature has become even more powerful, as it is now possible to undo and redo recent modifications.

There were two options to undo previously, the first was by pressing Cancel in the editing menu and it enables to undo all changes that have been made since the last time the editing was done.

The second method is to click “back” and return the image to its original form, and the two options did not provide the flexibility to undo.

In the new system, various modifications can be quickly tried, undo and redoed as needed.

Copy and Paste Edits in iOS Photos

With the new system, edits can also be copied from one image to another.

This feature is similar to Adobe Lightroom adjustments, and if there is a group of photos with similar shots, there is no need to edit each photo.

Alternatively, edits can be copied and pasted into any photo and this will make editing many photos faster.

Auto transcript iOS Live Captions

Accessibility features are among the most popular and best iPhone features that have been around for a long time, according to the site.

These features are designed to solve the problems of those with special access requirements, which is also a great and useful feature when you don’t want to use the device fully, and the iOS Live Captions feature does the same thing.

And when turned on, your iPhone will display on-screen translations of the audio in real time, which is a great feature for the deaf, those who are hard of hearing, or who have someone in their family who has a hard of hearing.

At the moment, this feature is still in beta, and it does not appear to be available outside the US.

Easily delete contacts

Deleting contacts by iOS 16 is a bit tricky, including entering the contact and deleting from the edit list.

But now people can be deleted more simply and faster from the list of private contacts.

To delete a contact, the Phone app opens, tap on Contacts, long-press on a contact, and then tap on delete contact.

Controlling nearby devices

Apple is getting serious about integrating devices into its ecosystem, and any user of multiple Apple products will know the benefits of seamless integration between devices, and in the new system.

The company introduced the Nearby Devices Control feature, which allows you to control other Apple devices near your iPhone after logging in to the same iCloud account.

With this feature, you can access some functions such as starting and stopping media playback or talking to Siri.

To control nearby devices, open Settings, tap Accessibility, Control Nearby Devices, and select the device.


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