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The MLA is facing a vicious cyber attack in response to Mukesh’s reference to the super hit movie Kurup which is being screened in theaters. Mukesh Sukumara Kurup spoke about a person in the incident in the popular Mukesh Speaking series on YouTube.

Mukesh spoke about Ramachandran who was a waiter in Kalpakavadi Inn. Instead of Chacko, Kurup and his gang were the first to find Ramachandran to kill him. Ramachandran escaped with a head injury due to some coincidence. Mukesh narrates the story of Ramachandran, who was shocked to learn that Chacko was killed and later met him in person at Kalpakavadi. But some criticized Mukesh for being a mother and for telling lies to increase the reach of his program. Another group criticized Mammootty for coming up with a lie to help him and his son.

But Mukesh was right
Witnesses at the time, including Cherian Kalpakavadi, confirmed. Ramachandran later told his family that he had escaped. Moreover, Ramachandran’s story has already been made clear through Mukesh’s stories. Mukesh’s reply to critics is that he does not have to lie. A number of people who were present at the time of the incident are still alive. Ramachandran was not meant to be mentioned. When Kurup was released now, the old thing came to mind. It’s just that. Those who say they are working for Mammootty and Dulquar can only investigate this – says Mukesh. Ramachandran is now in Delhi with his son.

Mukesh speaking words:

‘Today’s going to tell a special story. If we ask why he is special, we do not know whether the hero of this story is a villain or a hero. He is a villain, but as time goes on, his heroism comes to the minds of many. It is none other than Sakshal Sukumara Kurup, a man who has been discussed in Kerala for more than thirty-six years by the police, the government and the general public. Thirty-six years ago, there was a lot of talk about Kurup, and occasionally it would fade and rise again. Sukumara Kurup has lived there and lived here. Sukumara Kurup has been in active discussion for a few days now.

In other words, our favorite Dulquer Salman has made a film about Sukumara Kurup and acted as Kurup. Everyone was worried whether Dulquar would make Kurup a villain or a hero. The family of Chacko, the victim, saw this and said that it was the real story of Sukumara Kurup and that we liked it. With that, that curiosity disappeared. In the movie ‘Kurup’ itself, there is a small scene where Kalpakavadi is happening inside. There is a scene with his bartender. Barman’s name is Ramachandran. In my story, after Sukumara Kurup, Ramachandran is the hero. Through Ramachandran we reach Sukumara Kurup. Kalpakwadi Inn now has two. At that time it was a bar attached hotel run by Cherian Kalpakwadi and Lal Kalpakwadi. A very popular hotel, a hotel where everyone always eats up. It was there that I first saw carp, squid and prawns being raised in a hotel. The fish we point to will fry us. That hotel was very famous.

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We all know Cherian Kalpakwadi. He is a very successful screenwriter. His Mohanlal film ‘Lal Salaam’ is a super hit. His father was a well-known communist leader and Varghese Vaidyan, a close friend of his. Lal Salam is also the story of Thomas. The role played by Mohanlal is the story of Cherian’s father. Before Kalpakavadi Inn, it was their family home. Cherian and I, also known as Cheriyachan, attended the same school and boarded the same school. In those days, people used to come to this Kalpakavadi and eat a lot of food. Later it became Kalpakwadi Inn. So I have a personal relationship with Cheriyachan, Lal and Kalpakavadi since that time.

Ramachandran was a local supplier with a lot of fans. One day I went to Kalpakavadi with my friends. When I look at Ramachandran, I do not see him. Another supplier came and asked, ‘Saare Ramachandran, aren’t you looking? Sir, aren’t you standing there and crying? ‘ Another supplier came and said, ‘Sir, call and ask what’s wrong.’ Everyone is ragging Ramachandran. They are all a little angry at Ramachandran’s fame. I was very curious to know what happened. Our hero wiped his eyes and came up to me and said ‘sorry for being late sir, sit down’.

Because Ramachandran has fans, he would come to his ears and say, ‘Saare carp fry is enough, curry is not enough, puthari putt is there, let it be eaten’. At that moment, Ramachandran became our own person. When the food was brought, I asked Ramachandran, ‘Why are they all making fun of me?’ ‘Nothing sir’, ‘or so it should be said. Don’t say it according to the seat between us. ‘ Then Ramachandran said, ‘Let me tell you, three or four people came here a few days ago and this is their first visit. Very close to me. They were sitting in this hut so while I was doing all the things they needed, suddenly an important person got up and put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Aren’t we like single mothers, the same height, the same weight’.

Then I said, ‘Sarah, how beautiful Sarah is without joking. I’m just a jerk. ‘ Then the rest said, ‘No, it’s because Ramachandran does not understand, it’s the same when you look at it from a distance.’ Then they gave me a foreign cigarette. When asked if I wanted foreign alcohol, I said, I do not drink during work hours. Suddenly I asked them, ‘Sirs, where are you going?’ They asked, ‘Why did Ramachandran ask that?’ I said, ‘I have a wife, kids, a farm, and I’m off here one day a week. When all the work is done, I get the first bus from Alappuzha in the morning. When I get there, it’s time to get up in the morning, go to bed at noon, and come back when the kids are all together. I have to go one day earlier, that’s why I asked where ‘. They asked, ‘Where is Ramachandran’s house?’ ‘That’s it. ‘We need to go to Karunagapally very urgently so we can drop the check’. Ramachandran’s face widened. ‘God, sir, it was my prayer that brought you here. How long have I been praying for someone like this to come ‘. ‘Ramachandran be brave, we can stand in front of the hotel. Ramachandran take the box and come there.’

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The first twist is when the happy ending of the story unfolds. Another car comes and stands by Ramachandran’s client from Kollam called ‘Ramachandra’. Ramachandran was shocked. Ramachandran ran to them and said, ‘Yes, do not think of anything else. I’ll give you another best supplier and they will drop me off, this is the first time I’m going home early. I can sit with my wife and children and get up in the morning and look at the farms. ‘ Then Ramachandran asked, ‘Oh, are you not eating anything?’ They said, ‘We have no such habit without Ramachandran.’ Ramachandran was in a dilemma. But when Ramachandran decides to go and turns around, the real owner, Cherian Kalpakavadi, is standing. He said, “Ramachandra, it’s not right, it’s not wrong to go that way when the client comes to eat.

Ramachandran said, “Yes, sir.” Then Ramachandran said to the others, ‘You must go, sir. I do not have a meeting to get home early. Then they reassured him, ‘We have to go to Ambalapuzha. We will be back in half an hour. We can wait. Ramachandran should attend to them. ‘Ramachandran said again,’ You are God, sir, God has brought you. An hour and a half ‘, they said okay. I cursed my clients who were really Kollam, sir, I thought they should see this time come. What I cursed the most was my boss. I greeted those who came as soon as possible and stood in front of the Kalpakavadi with the box at ten o’clock. I thought they were all going to be great people, but with a slight hope.

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Ten, eleven and a half, twelve and a half. By one o’clock Ramachandran had given up hope. Disappointed, sad and angry, he cursed Cheriyan Kalpakavadi again and called those who had come from Kollam bad, and then a cold wind blew, and my hands shook cold, and I became sad, sir. I sat there, got on the bus at four o’clock and went to Chepad and came the next night. That’s the story.

But a few days after all this, I met Ramachandran again. ‘Sir’, Ramachandran’s eyes reddened, I tapped him on the shoulder and said, Tell me what happened Ramachandra …

Sukumara Kurup was the one who put his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was sitting like a mother’s child. ‘After doing this plan and things, they went and saw Chacko on the way there not coming back, poor Chacko. Or I would have been in Chacko’s place, sir. ‘ Ramachandran burst into tears. ‘My God, the owner of this hotel is Cherian Sarah. If he hadn’t seen me then I wouldn’t be here. Sir, my other gods are clients from Kollam, and although they did not come, I do not exist today. Ramachandran burst into tears. I calmed down and said to Ramachandran, ‘It is not time for Ramachandran to go. When Ramachandran was standing there, a cold wind blew. You still have to give good food to a lot of people and make everyone happy by giving them fried carp, mappas, duck, chicken and prawns. So God is directly involved, be of good cheer ‘.

But by then, an innocent Chacko had left us without knowing anything. Ramachandran is still alive. That same day I realized the cruelty of Sukumara Kurup through Ramachandran. Now when this’ Kurup ‘movie came out many people were saying’ Kurup is not dead, he is somewhere. It is said that he underwent plastic surgery in disguise and that he must have been over 80 years old if he had. Could he be laughing at this movie? – Mukesh concludes.


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