What happens to the body when psychological stress? And what are the treatment methods?..a doctor answers

Stress. Two words with a meaning that many dread, and whether it’s a tense interaction with a boss or pressure from friends and family, we all face stressful situations from time to time.
For some, these events occur sporadically. For others, daily stress is a regular part of life. Psychological stress is the feeling that you are under pressure, tension, nervous tension, instability, sadness or anger, and perhaps a mixture of all of these abnormal and uncomfortable feelings.
“Madam Net” met Dr. Hisham Negm, a consultant psychiatrist and a member of the Egyptian and Saudi Psychiatric Association, and he answered the following question, “What happens to the body when psychological pressure?”

Dr. Hisham Negm

What is psychological pressure?

First of all, Dr. Negm explains that not all of the burdens, responsibilities, or even pain we are exposed to can be classified as “psychological stress”. Psychological stress is small in size, frequent in occurrence and duration, and there is no way out. Simple examples:
– Imagine that you have a bowl from which you drink water, and unfortunately the bowl has a hole that results in the water leaking drop by drop and the leakage continues for a long time and you have nothing to stop this leakage. (case number 1).
Imagine, in another case, the same container, and I was surprised to see it explode and make a horrific explosion sound, water flowing from it, and the atmosphere drowning. (case number 2)

Condition 1 is what we can classify as ‘stress’, and what is not is something else.

What happens to the body when psychological pressure?

Dr. Najm enumerates what can happen to an individual’s body when exposed to psychological stress as follows:

– Physiologically

When we are exposed to psychological pressure, the cortisol hormone rises, and the rate of adrenaline secretion increases, causing high blood pressure, digestive problems, and feeling the famous aches and pains of the colon, and the body’s immunity decreases, sleep disturbances and headaches occur. They often suffer from migraine attacks in particular.

Psychologically speaking

A person experiences deteriorating mood states such as anxiety, depression, fear, tension and sadness, and all his feelings may be affected in a negative way, and thus may lead to negative behaviors with ominous consequences.

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Psychological stress increases our intellectual life

Psychological stress is different from the problems and worries of daily life

We all strive for a quiet life free from disturbances, problems and conflicts; Psychological stress leads to an increase of the equivalent of 4-5 years than the level of thinking, memory and cognitive functions of the brain is supposed to be. Similar to that. Every event that causes psychological stress increases our intellectual life by 5 years.

What happens if the psychological stress worsens?

Dr. says. Najm There are many studies and research that indicate a link between all psychological symptoms and an increased risk of cancer, or that push to practice bad habits to escape stress, such as overeating or smoking heavily, etc.

How do we avoid the impact of negative psychological pressure on us?

Because we are all exposed on a daily basis to psychological pressures that may affect our level of thinking and our ability to make decisions, and affect our feelings and behaviors, we must have a normal lifestyle that is not devoid of:
Walking daily without interruption
– Swimming and cycling
– Maintaining prayer
Sleeping properly and at specific times
Take time out from our busy schedule every day
Avoidance of sources of tension (people, places and tools)
Eating healthy food and abstaining from smoking and stimulants completely
Eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, eating fish, nuts and fluids
Training in the skill of stopping negative thoughts and fixing them
Try to smile and be happy and stay away from depression and what provokes it
– Accompanying happy people, laughing with them and making them happy just to meet them.

When do we go to a psychiatrist?

Dr. advises. Najm, not to wait for symptoms and psychological suffering to occur until we resort to a psychiatrist, we must realize that the presence of a psychiatrist in our lives has become an urgent necessity, perhaps for his ability to capture the indicators of some conflicts before they exacerbate and avoid their complications, and then resorting to a psychiatrist and consulting him periodically makes us explore how to live With a normal mind and a stable mental health.

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Note from “Madam Net”: Before applying this recipe or this treatment, consult a specialist doctor.


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