“What hypocrisy”: Internet users squawk the Team which gives up boycotting the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Friday, September 23, the publication director of the Team, Jérôme Cazadieu, published an editorial on the website of the sports daily in which he announced that his media will not participate in the boycott of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, despite the revelations of the thousands of deaths of workers, dead due to their exploitation to exhaustion on the construction sites of the stadiums.

“As for the last Games in Beijing, L’Équipe will not boycott the Qatari World Cup. » The former great reporter announces that the Team is going there, because the daily has a ” mission d’information » : “The mission of a media is to go to all areas in order to bear witness to reality. What we will do in Qatar. But we did not wait for the next World Cup to investigate the situation of foreign workers, for example. »

As a reminder, a call for a boycott has been launched by various associations and personalities across the planet. The English newspaper The Guardian, reporting the death toll of 6,500 migrant workers on stadium construction sites. A figure disputed by Qatar, which maintains that the true number of deaths would be set at 37. “ We cannot know the exact number of dead, because Qatar does not communicate these figures and there is no autopsy “, explained in April 2021 Sabine Gagnier, advocacy officer for Amnesty France, during an interview with Parisian.

In several reports broadcast in recent years on various channels or even on the Amnesty International website, we can discover the conditions in which these workers lived, most of whom came from India, Nepal, Bangladesh or Pakistan. Often sleeping cramped in dilapidated accommodation, these migrants have sometimes had their passports withdrawn when they enter Qatari territory, which prevents them from returning to their country of origin before the end of their contract.

In an interview given to France Info, this Monday morning, Jérôme Cazadieu confirms that 30 journalists from the Team will be deployed on site at the time of the event. He promises investigations by his newspaper and claims that traveling to Qatar is similar to going to Russia for a generalist media: “ For a mainstream media, it wouldn’t make sense to say: we don’t like what Russia represents, so we’re not going to go to Russia anymore. Because right now in Russia there are a number of movements, and if you don’t go there, you can’t tell what’s going on “, he justifies.

“What hypocrisy”

But on social networks, Internet users hardly appreciate the reason for the fact-finding mission invoked, seeing it rather as a dishonest pretext by the director of publication. On Twitter, in the comments under the publication of his interview by France Info, Internet users are all unanimous at the time of writing these lines: ” You surprise me. Business is business”, one of them laughs. “What hypocrisy” adds another internet user. According to Webatou, “It’s certain that if they’re looking for the dead from the construction sites now, they won’t find them. It was before that you had to go there…”

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Video : Interview of Jérôme Cazadieu with France Info.


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