What if Russia had attacked its own gas pipelines?

The Kremlin categorically refutes accusations of sabotage of gas pipelines [Nord Stream 1 et 2] in the Baltic Sea. Similarly, Putin denies declaring war on kyiv and hitting civilian targets in Ukraine, and denies using energy as a weapon – a “nonsense” according to him.

Even before the invasion, the master of the Kremlin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, accused those who attributed to them belligerent intentions of indulging in malicious speculation. For the past few days, they have been saying that all the citizens who took part in the parodies of the referendums organized in the east of Ukraine would be in favor of joining Russia. The list of their lies never ceases to grow.

Impossible, therefore, to take seriously the denials of Moscow, which rejects any involvement in the “incidents” of the Baltic [quatre fuites ont été découvertes cette semaine sur des tronçons sous-marins des gazoducs, qui relient la Russie à l’Allemagne]. This government long ago lost what little credibility and seriousness it had left.

All he has left is fear: fear of being ousted, of losing the fight against Ukraine, and of having to answer for his crimes. This fear shines through in the hysterical bawls and rabid threats that Moscow addresses to Westerners. If Putin is so convinced of his imminent victory over the civilized world, why so much fuss?

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