What is behind the calls in which no one answers

What is behind the calls in which no one answers

2023-06-07 06:20:15

The phone rings and the screen shows a number that we do not have recorded on the agenda, we pick it up and no one answers. This is a disconcerting situation and a nuisance that many do not understand and for which they doubt the legal origin of the calls.

In recent years, companies have committed to regulating ‘spam’ calls. On the one hand, not to call during rest hours such as the siesta period. On the other hand, from this month the companies will need a permit to be able to contact consumers.

But what is behind those calls in which no one answers? When it happens once it is easy to forget about it and continue with the routine, but the problem comes when this situation repeats itself. Among the theories that many users use, it is said that it is a strategy to keep the user on the phone longer and gain seconds so that the call seems longer.

Calls where no one answers

However, these calls come from robots that automatically dial numbers. Normally, when you pick up the call, it is automatically transferred to an operator who explains to the user the reason for the call and offers him the product he wants to sell.

However, many times these calls are ‘ghost’. When this happens you can assume that the robot has exceeded the limit of calls that an operator can handle simultaneously. When the operator does not have the capacity to answer more calls, no one answers and the call is terminated without giving more information.

Many consumers go to the ‘Robinson List’ to avoid receiving unwanted calls, although many times the operators do not comply with this situation and continue calling despite the fact that since 2007 there is a regulation within the Spanish data protection law that obliges companies to consult these lists.

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