What is known about the death of “Acero” Cali: preliminary data from the autopsy | The former kickboxing champion had four stents

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On Sunday at the last minute they met preliminary data of the autopsy of Jorge “Acero” Cali, former world kickboxing champion and match promoter, who was found dead in a hotel room in Santa Rosa, La Pampa province.

Cali died of “an acute myocardial infarction” and the forensic doctor Juan Carlos Toulousse, who participates in the ex-wrestler’s autopsy, stated that suffered from “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy”: an enlarged heart, a characteristic of many athletes. The organ, which must weigh an average of 400 grams, weighed 600 in the case of the former champion.

“Acero” worked as CEO of the company Chino Maidana Promotions (CMP) and had traveled to La Pampa for a fight that took place on Saturday. From the official account of the company they reported in a statement that Cali “was high risk and had undergone surgery for the placement of several stents some time ago”.

However, it remains for the Scientific Investigation Agency and the forensic doctor to confirm the causes of death and what would have been the trigger.

The death of Acero Cali

Cali was found in his room with no signs of violence. “According to information provided by Dr. Walter Quintero, Jorge’s roommate, Tano Ricci, asked him to come closer and there he confirmed the absence of vital signs,” they stated in the CMP statement.

“An ambulance was contacted to verify the death of the patient, who was high risk and had undergone surgery for the placement of several stents some time ago ”, they expanded.

The body was transferred to the Judicial Morgue and the room that Cali occupied was guarded by the Police. Prosecutor Maria Cecilia Martini, in charge of the Office of the Prosecutor for Crimes against Persons, is leading the case.

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