What is “non-stop eating disorder”? If you are not hungry, eat. Check which symptoms are suitable for treatment.

What is “non-stop eating disorder”? If you are not hungry, eat. Check which symptoms are suitable for treatment.
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What is “non-stop eating disorder”? If you’re not hungry, you eat all the time. I don’t feel full, check what kind of symptoms are in the range, and are they curable or not?

Has anyone ever encountered the problem of eating non-stop? Even if they don’t feel hungry, they still eat all the time, the kind that they can’t stop. When I gained weight, I felt bad about myself. If anyone is experiencing symptoms like this be aware that You’re not just going to be fat. but is an abnormal condition so-called “Eating can’t stop” which the young singer “Ice Sarunyu” have faced this disease in the past to the point of having to meet with a psychiatrist and nutritionist Part of the cause of this disease is caused by being said often that “fat” check the risk Which type is included And if so, can it be treated or not? Kom Chad Luek Online The answers have been compiled.

can’t stop eatingWhat is?

can’t stop eating or Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is a disorder of eating large quantities of food. without being able to control himself Those who have symptoms of eating disorders that do not stop They tend to eat larger amounts of food than usual even without feeling hungry. and unable to control their own eating It can happen to all genders and ages. But it is more common in females aged 20 years and over. The exact cause of the disease is unclear. may occur from many factors. People with this disease have symptoms that they will not stop eating even when they are not hungry. and will stop only when unable to continue eating, which will directly affect health

cause ofcan’t stop eating

Causes of binge eating disorder At present, it is not known exactly what caused this. But it is expected that it may arise from many factors as a trigger. and factors that may contribute to this disease such as

can't stop eating

  • Obesity, found that people with symptoms of non-stop eating disorder Obesity is often a congenital disease.
  • drink alcohol regularly
  • lack of confidence in shape and have low self-esteem
  • Addicted to weight loss stressed about losing weight or have you ever failed to lose weight
  • went through a traumatic event
  • Have a family history of eating disorders
  • have mental health conditions such as depression, stress, bipolar disorder, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: PTSD)

symptoms ofcan’t stop eating

  • eatfoodmore than usual and every time you start eating It seems to be unable to control the amount of food eaten.
  • Always eat fast can still eat more Even if you feel full until your stomach is full
  • Able to eat large quantities of food, although not feeling hungry at all.
  • Every time symptoms occur, they tend to escape to eat alone. because he was embarrassed to let anyone know how much he could eat
  • The more stressed, the more upset. eat more But I feel guilty and feel bad every time. After eating a large meal
  • He behaved strangely, worried about his body weight and body shape. but never stop eating Trying hard to control myself or trying to lose weight too hard But it’s like it won’t be able to overcome your own heart I hate myself every time I eat.

can't stop eating

If yourself or someone close to you behavior or if more than 3 of these symptoms occur, it may be time to see a doctor to find a cure. Because it may result in health problems. or a fatal disease such as

  • high blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease such as myocardial infarction, heart attack, stroke
  • Overweight and obesity
  • type 2 diabetes
  • Emotional conditions, such as depression, anxiety disorders
  • high cholesterol hyperglycemia
  • Other health problems such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer colon cancer esophageal cancer pancreatic cancer thyroid cancer
  • May cause irregular menstruation, not ovulating, making it more difficult to get pregnant

can’t stop eatinghow to solve

  • Behavior modification: Exercise, eat healthy food. and not allowing himself to be in a stressful state
  • Medication: This is the most effective treatment aimed at managing the balance within the brain. and reduce the chance of having symptoms of eating non-stop But with the side effects from the use of the drug must strictly follow the advice of the doctor.
  • Psychotherapy : aims to allow patients to learn the cause. and the symptoms of the disease to cope with the symptoms and be able to deal with negative thoughts about their own body.

can’t stop eatingrequires patience and discipline in treatment encouragement And understanding from the people around you is one of the important parts for successful treatment. and the important thing is patients with this disease must understand the behavior or his own illness before that we are now sick therapy required and must obey the doctor to cure the symptoms of this disease in order to return to normal life

Thank you for information from Ramkhamhaeng Hospital, Rama 9 Hospital.

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