what is tempeh What are the health benefits?

What are the benefits of tempeh?

Benefits of eating tempehhealthy food namely

1. Tempeh helps reduce menopause symptoms.In women, soy contains a substance called isoflavones, which acts like estrogen. Help adjust the hormonal balance in women. when eating tempeh thus helping to reduce menopause symptoms in older women

2. Tempeh reduces fat in the blood vessels. In addition to acting as a hormone estrogen Isoflavones also help reduce abnormally high cholesterol, or (LDL), which is a type of bad fat. reduce the fat in the blood vessels Help the circulatory system to be normal. Reduce the risk of high atherosclerosis. and heart disease

3. Tempeh nourishes the brain and nervous system. Tempeh nourishes the brain and nervous system and can help prevent and treat certain types of nervous system disorders.

4. Tempeh nourishes the liver Reduce the incidence of gallstones in the gallbladder. Lecithin also helps nourish the liver as well. Helps liver cells to burn fat normally. Reduce the incidence of fatty liver disease

5. Tempeh promotes growthAnd create normal blood cells. Vitamin B12 helps increase appetite. make you eat a lot reduce weakness


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