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Psychology experts have confirmed that there are many health benefits of watching the World Cup matches.

According to Kari Weiland, a professor of social psychology at Tulane University New Orleans, humans are by nature social beings, and the World Cup matches are a great opportunity to connect with others and find common ground.

In statements to the American website (Popular Science), which specializes in scientific research, the psychology professor explained that encouraging a specific football team makes a person feel connected to something greater than him, and also creates a sense of identity.

“Indulgence in Glory”

She also confirmed the existence of a concept in psychology called “indulging in the glory resulting from the achievements of others,” especially if they belong to the same group, country, or race, and said that immersion in cheerleading makes the individual feel as if he is part of the team and a participant in victory.

This rule also applies to fans of musical and sports bands and supporters of political parties, as sharing positive emotions with others leads to enhancing collective feelings and a better emotional experience, and even witnessing moments of defeat is also a collective experience that strengthens social bonds.

A French fan during the national team’s match in the World Cup in Qatar (Reuters)

Improving physical and psychological health

In the same context, a study published in the scientific journal (Communication and Sport), which specializes in sports psychology, concluded that encouraging sports teams raises the degree of self-esteem and self-esteem among fans for two days after the match.

Social relationships and a sense of belonging while watching sporting events are also associated with improved physical and psychological health.

Some studies have shown that watching sports matches reduces symptoms of depression, which can reduce human life by 10 to 12 years.

Researchers believe that immersing yourself in watching the World Cup matches helps relieve stress and temporarily distract you from the hassles of daily life and escape from reality.

In general, sport is about overcoming obstacles, and psychology experts believe that the World Cup matches may be an incentive for some people to exercise and get the social support that comes from encouragement to reduce the risk of early death from negative psychological emotions.


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