What is the procedure for passengers traveling on regular flights to India?

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Singapore Airlines will resume passenger flights from Singapore to 8 cities in India.

Travel services to Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai are covered under the Special Travel Arrangement.

Along with them, passenger flights will be provided to some other Indian cities.

What is the procedure for travelers seeking regular flights to India other than under special travel arrangement?

They must comply with travel and health restrictions limited to secondary countries.

–Make a COVID-19 test at most 2 days before departure.

– Must have test results to confirm that there is no infection.

What kind of COVID-19 test?

–Art test performed by a trained specialist

–PCR testing

The test should be performed at an approved pharmacy.

Test results must be in English or provided with an English translation.

Experimental results:

–Date of inspection

–The name of the traveler

–Date of birth or passport number

Should be specified.

7 day isolation order upon arrival in Singapore.


–Registered Hotel

–Rent house

Isolation order can be executed at

PCR testing should be performed before the end of the order period.

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