What is the secret behind the appearance of two different screens when answering calls on the iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user, you know that there are a lot of secrets and tricks that you haven’t known yet. Where new things are always being discovered by users.

iPhone secret trick


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And one of the things that many have always wanted to ask about is the presence of two different screens when you receive a phone call on your iPhone.

Sometimes you will see a screen with two buttons, one to accept and answer the call and the other to reject the call.

At some point, another screen appears with a slider that you need to drag to answer the call.

What is the reason for having two screens when answering an incoming call on the iPhone. And when do you wait for each screen and why it appears.

A TikTok user revealed the mystery behind this trick, which many users of the American company Apple do not know.

The user explained that the screen has two buttons to accept and reject the call. Appears when the device is unlocked and the screen is unlocked.

The other screen appears when the screen lock is on. Then you can drag the slider to respond. Or press the power button once to mute or twice to reject the call.

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He explained the user who exposed that trick in the iPhone. That is the reason behind the slider that appears when the lock is on and there are no buttons. This is to prevent any accidental button presses while the device is in your pocket.

There are some secret codes and codes that some people do not know. Through it, you will get useful information and features on the iPhone, including the following:

  • *#06# to know your device’s IMEI number
  • *3001#12345#* Displays information about the signal strength of the iPhone
  • *43# to activate the call waiting feature
  • *61* to divert incoming calls

Finally, Apple has problems with its supply chain. Due to the lockdown in China to contain the spread of the coronavirus. This means a lack of production of iPhone 14 devices in the coming period.


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