What is the status of CSK in 2022 IPL? Dhoni breaks suspense over player retention .. Full details | CSK Captain MS Dhoni breaks silence on his possibility of playing in IPL 2022

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IPL Mega Auction

With the arrival of 2 new teams has come changes in the terms of the auction. That means each team can only retain 4 players. The right to match card system has also been canceled. Teams are thus confused as to which players can be retained. However only CSK announced a clear decision that we will definitely retain Dhoni.

Higher pay

Higher pay

This aside, it has been reported that Dhoni is not keen on participating in CSKA next year. This was questioned during this year’s IPL series. Dhoni replied that any decision would be taken keeping in mind the future of CSK. He said it was not yet decided whether I would play next year.

  Dhoni's answer

Dhoni’s answer

In this context, Dhoni is back in suspense today at the 75th anniversary celebrations of CSK’s parent company India Cements. The question was raised about the players CSK would retain. Responding to this, Dhoni said that he should think about it from now on. It is currently underway in November. The IPL will be held in April next year. So let’s be patient.

Prolonged confusion

Prolonged confusion

I’ve said it before about playing. 2 new teams are coming. Decisions will be made based on the decisions of the BCCI. They should also be good for CSKA’s future. It is not important that I be on the retainer list, I should build a strong team so that the CSK team does not get in trouble. “We are thinking of players who will help for the next 10 years,” Dhoni said. With this the chaos is still lingering.

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The fans were surprised

The fans were surprised

CSK Captain Dhoni is 40 years old. He is more likely to announce his retirement in the second half of the series even if he plays next year. So it has come as a surprise to the fans that the CSK management is ready to lose Rs 16 crore by relying on him.

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