What is the use of passing a voluntary ITV to your car

Summer is one of the times when more road accidents are recorded. In fact, in 2021 the months of July, August and September accumulated 32% of the total deaths in road accidents of the year. This is mainly because it is also the period in which there is greater road mobility. Therefore, it is vitally important to take extreme precautionary measures before making a road trip.

From the Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles, AECA-ITV, they explain that one of the preventive measures that drivers have to guarantee the correct functioning of their vehicle systems before making a long journey route is the voluntary ITV.

It is a type of technical inspection that can be complete (if the interested party so requests), such as the one that is carried out on a mandatory and periodic basis for all vehicles, or partial, which means that only correct operation is checked. of some specific element or system of the vehicle, for example, the brakes, steering or emissions.

These types of inspections usually have a lower cost than a periodic and mandatory ITV and do not affect its expiration date. In addition, it allows the driver to know if his vehicle is in the correct conditions to be able to safely undertake a road trip.

The Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) is one of the requirements that a vehicle must meet in order to circulate. Not only is it mandatory, but it is also very necessary because it allows to ensure a few technical minimums in the vehicle that guarantee the safety of the driver and the rest of the people who circulate on the roads.

The first inspection must take place four years after the first registration. From that moment, the car will have to undergo a new inspection every two years until reaching ten years from registration. From this moment, the ITV is passed every year.

Before buying a used car

The voluntary ITV can also be of great help when purchasing a second-hand vehicle. It is a tool that allows the buyer to be assured that the car he is going to acquire is in good condition and allows the seller to offer a guarantee of the proper functioning of the vehicle.

On some occasions, used cars can present complex problems that are not detected with the naked eye and that can only be seen through a complete check such as that carried out by ITV stations, which includes: the engine, the lighting, the brakes, the gas emissions, among other systems. Also, through this type of inspection, it can be detected, for example, if the vehicle has any non-legalized reform.

In this type of voluntary inspection, if a serious or very serious defect is detected, it must be corrected and returned to the ITV station to verify that it has been corrected.


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