What is Twitch and how is it different from YouTube?

Playing alone is never as fun as sharing the experience with others. Even the nuts of the narrative-driven game that focuses entirely on the game world for eight hours of play know there is something magical about sharing that world with others. As a broadcaster, Twitch lets you share your current events with a live global audience at any time. As a viewer, you have plenty of options to support your favorite broadcasting channels by subscribing or making a donation. Whether you participate in it to start making money as a player or to share your gaming experiences with the public, let’s find out what Twitch is and how it works.

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Since its launch in 2011, Twitch has proven to be the online live streaming platform for gaming, as well as general entertainment, sports, music, and more. Whether you want to broadcast or view others’ streams on Twitch, you can access the platform from your mobile device (Android and iOS app) or your computer (Twitch.tv).

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What is Twitch and how does it work?

Twitch is one of the world’s leading online live streaming services. Mainly known for their gaming streams, many users choose to share their live gameplay publicly on Twitch. Others decide to broadcast other categories of content, such as music production, art and even “chat-only” streams, where live broadcasters choose to appear in front of their audience and engage in conversation with them.

A live broadcast is when someone broadcasts content in real time to an audience. Think of it as a live show, but you’re watching it all happen online from a source like Twitch.

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“It was a mistake.”

Broadcasters have a lot of freedom in how they set up their broadcasts. Most operators use a webcam so that their audience can see their reactions. With streaming software like OBS or Streamlabs, you can also set up a custom overlay to customize the look and feel of your broadcast.

XQC Twitch Clip 2022

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One of the most popular live streamers on Twitch, xQc.

As a viewer, you can experience things along with your streaming device. For example, if the player is playing a horror game for the first time, jumping games will scare them as much as they might surprise you.

How is Twitch different from YouTube?

In functionality, the gap between Twitch and YouTube is very small. Both sites allow you to stream content live to the platform directly through broadcast programs And Upload permanent videos directly to your account. However, you must be a certified Twitch account (partner or affiliate) in order to upload videos to Twitch.

YouTube Live

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Where Launched in 2005, Youtube It was the internet’s central hub for online video content. Users go to YouTube to watch videos that have already been created (recorded and edited). In 2015, YouTube introduced its own live streaming feature; However, live streaming is not a YouTube calling card.

Twitch live

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Twitch It differs from YouTube in its primary purpose. Think of it this way: Twitch can’t survive without live broadcasts, but it can survive without permanent videos. YouTube can’t survive without permanent videos, but it can survive without live streams. Twitch is known for its live streaming service, while YouTube is known for its videos.

Yes, it is possible to stream on Twitch and YouTube simultaneously. However, you must use software such as Restream, Streamlabs Prime, or MelonApp.

Twitch Prime و Twitch Turbo

Twitch Prime and Twitch Turbo are Twitch’s two primary subscription services. Both offer their own benefits, but there are some similarities.

nashl prime (known today as “Prime Gaming”) comes with Amazon Prime. Since Amazon owns Twitch, you don’t need to pay anything extra for Twitch Prime if you are already subscribed to Amazon Prime.

Twitch Turbo It is a subscription service owned by Twitch. This is purchased through Twitch, not Amazon, and costs $8.99 per month. The most important benefit of Twitch Turbo is the ability to bypass all those ads that are playing while streaming.

Twitch Turbo ($8.99 per month)

  • Ad-free viewing (with limited exceptions)
  • Chat badge
  • Expanded Expression Set
  • Custom chat username colors
  • Expanded broadcast storage

Who are Twitch Partners and Affiliates?

Twitch Partners

Twitch Partners They are usually the most popular content creators who have regular followers. You can tell Twitch Partner with the purple check mark that appears next to their username.

Partner badge

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According to Twitch, the partners are “those who are committed to live broadcasting and ready to rise from an affiliate.” As a Twitch partner, you can earn income by monetizing, customizing your channel, accessing partner-only opportunities, and more.

The road to partner 1

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To become a Twitch Partner, you must apply to the Twitch Partner Program. Eligibility for this depends on whether you have completed successfully The way to the partner Achievement. You must “maintain the standards set forth in achievement on a consistent basis.”

Affiliates of Twitch

The referral program is for those who do not meet the more comprehensive criteria of the Twitch Partner Program. No, you won’t get the purple check mark as a Twitch affiliate partner, but you will be able to upload videos to your account and – most importantly – monetize your content.

Joining path

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To become a Twitch affiliate, you must meet (and maintain) Join path achievement standards. This means reaching 50 followers, broadcasting for 8 hours, broadcasting on 7 different days, and an average of 3 or more viewers.

Twitch stream categories (tags)

Can contain twitch streams tag streamAnd tag categoryAnd automatic tags. These appear below the title of the broadcast or game, allowing them to appear in general searches.

Example of a twitch sign

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Example of tags on Twitch.

The role of tags on Twitch is to help differentiate streams into categories or genres. For example, if you were to go to the library, you wouldn’t expect to see an encyclopedia in the comic book section, would you?

“Tags are publicly shared details about your content that allow others to more easily discover you. It’s displayed along with the video thumbnail, broadcast title, and game or category any time you’re watching a Twitch video. – Twitch Help

If you go to twitch.tv/directory, you can browse Twitch streams by category. There is also Tags category search When you already have a stream class in mind.

Twitch marks

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Stream tags and automatic tags

Stream tags and auto tags appear as small gray buttons below the Twitch stream title. Indicates specific basic details about the stream.

Tags on twitch

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Content creators and channel editors can submit up to five tag stream to their stream. Additionally, some of them have unique requirements.

automatic tags, like the “English” tag in the xQc stream example, is automatically applied by Twitch when certain conditions are met. These cannot be manually added by streamers.

tag category

Twitch adds automatically tag category to streams based on the content of the stream. You can see hashtags under games or categories on the twitch.tv/directory page.

Category tag

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Hashtags, as their name aptly indicates, categorize all of Twitch’s different continuous streams. They are very useful when describing games by genre. However, hashtags cannot be added manually by banners.

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questions and answers

Amazon has owned Twitch since 2014. They bought it for $970 million.

Twitch, as a platform, is free to use. The stream is free to watch and the app is free to download. However, if you want to sign up for Prime Gaming or Twitch Turbo, it will cost you money. The same goes for Twitch Bits.

yes. You can earn money through Twitch itself if you are a Twitch Partner or Twitch Affiliate.

TwitchCon is an annual conference held by Twitch. The main focus is on supporting the culture of live broadcasting, along with broadcasting video games and games in general.


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