What luggage reveals about the traveller

The planner

His suitcase comes in a pack, the three different sizes with a palm tree pattern were available for the price of one. The bargain fox is one of the rare species that wraps their luggage in foil for protection. That actually costs twelve euros, but when booking the package tour he dusted off a voucher. He wears his baseball cap backwards on his head, good mood in his heart and a big smile on his face. After all, the planner knows that nothing can go wrong with him, the days off have been optimized to the maximum. For the four hours of flight time he has downloaded three films and triumphantly makes himself comfortable with his neck pillow. Then the weekly schedule, accurate to the minute, is presented, based on the opening times of the seven restaurants in the all-inclusive holiday resort, and the first-aid kit is presented: Anti-Brumm, rescue drops and charcoal tablets (“There are an incredible number of bacteria in the water abroad”). When he gets off, he frantically jostles: Before he can happily sip the cream cocktail with an umbrella in his hand, he has to successfully get hold of the room upgrade.

You can meet him there: Happy hour at the pool bar.
His favorite snack: M&Ms from the XL pack from Duty Free, which are fished out noisily.
Convenient that you as a companion finally don’t have to worry about anything. Splendid!


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