What science at work for Notre-Dame?

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Welcome to a hell of a trip back in time on the huge reconstruction site of Notre-Dame… with archaeologists who examine, analyze and reconstruct the materials, gestures and environment and even the soundscape of the builders of cathedrals

Let’s go back in time and the memory of the cathedral to reinvent its future too, because as historian Patrice Boucheron points out, if we will never see the cathedral again as it was on the morning of April 15, 2019, this tragedy also made it possible to see her like you’ve never seen her before. To listen to it, to analyze it, to understand how Notre-Dame was thought out, with what materials it was and built by the builders of cathedrals who succeeded one another over the centuries, how it was renovated at each period. of its history and how to restore it today to the same?

With Philippe Dillmann(physico-chemist archaeologist) Mylene Pardoen (archaeo-musicologist) and Olivier Girardclos (chrono-environment specialist)

For the work Notre-Dame, science at work published in Cherche-


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