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Based on the results of 2021, it can be stated that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – a segment of business that is particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic – are nevertheless confidently staying afloat. By the end of this year, the small sector of the economy employs 25.2 million people, including 18.8 million employees. The unified register of SMEs contains information on 952 thousand newly created enterprises, which is 20% higher than the value of the previous year.

Small business was able to withstand this difficult time, including thanks to the support of the state.

The past year has consolidated the trends outlined earlier. People use the internet to shop, and entrepreneurs to start a business. Many companies that have previously switched to remote work have decided not to leave it at all. The state in every possible way encouraged the digitalization of business, at the same time it itself transferred almost all of its services and services online.

Speaking about specific assistance, this year the government continued the program of paying salary grants and soft loans. Lump-sum grants were available to SMEs in the amount of one minimum wage for each employed and concessional loans under the payroll 3.0 program while maintaining 90% of staff employment. In July of this year, it became clear that borrowers did not have enough time to settle their debt. Therefore, the loan repayment period at 3% per annum was doubled – up to 12 months. The Cabinet of Ministers allocated 20 billion rubles for these programs. The total amount of support specifically for these programs is about 38.5 billion rubles. And grants should help 1.1 million small businesses with more than 2 million employees.

Support to the sector continued under the national SME project. More than 13 thousand people received assistance under it, and microloans (4 thousand recipients) turned out to be the most demanded. New conditions for technological entrepreneurship are also being created. More than 70 industrial parks and technology parks have been opened in the regions, with 42 such sites created as part of the national SME project. This made it possible to attract 2 thousand residents and provide almost 40 thousand jobs.



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