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At 39 years of age, the juvenile political star is so young that he still has to spoon out the soup himself that he is bringing to the country with his politics. He explains why Germany needs a share pension so that the pension does not hit the wall.

“What we need is tough climate policy” – Johannes Vogel tries to refute the impression that the FDP has no competence in the area of ​​climate. Vogel does not want to organize the CO2 price through taxes, but through certificate trading.

He reveals why the FDP does not rely solely on electromobility, but also does not rule out other forms of drive. Vogel also explains why people would run away if they knew how left the Greens really are when it comes to economic and social policy.

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From August 9th, Holger Zschäpitz can be heard again on weekdays from 6am on “Alles auf Aktien”.

DEFFNER & ZSCHÄPITZ are like real life. Like optimist and pessimist. In the weekly WELT podcast, the journalists Dietmar Deffner and Holger Zschäpitz discuss and argue about the important economic issues of everyday life.

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