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iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and Mac OS 12 bring hundreds of new features. As of this Tuesday, after Apple’s keynote speech, which will likely introduce a new iPhone and Apple Watch, the new version will be available for updates. You can also reach existing devices, although some very old iPhones or iPads do not have all the new features due to the lack of computing power.

We present some spectacular innovations here. For the iPhone, the “focus” should be a boon for many users because it means that you are no longer interrupted by constant push messages. In contrast to “Do not disturb”, the notification system can be set very differently. You can view summaries of the most important missed messages and use profiles to individually define which apps or people are allowed to interfere and when. Whatsapp is blocked while at work, for example, but the wife is allowed to call. With the iCloud, the focus settings of all your own devices can be synchronized across the board.

Anyone who works consistently with Apple products can look forward to new synergy effects. For example, you can move the mouse arrow on the Mac over the edge of the screen and bring it to a nearby iPad. The function is called Universal Control, it is also used to copy files across devices and requires that the sender and receiver run with the same Apple ID and can be reached via Bluetooth.

For the iPhone, the “focus” should be a boon for many users.

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New features in iOS 15

Live text is no less spectacular. It recognizes text in images and even in photos on web pages. The analysis takes place solely on the device, so no data is transmitted to Apple. In this way, for example, you can read the e-mail address from the business card or copy the IBAN of a paper invoice into the bank app.



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