what to remember from Friday August 4th

what to remember from Friday August 4th

2023-08-04 09:52:44

► Ukrainian drones attacked a Russian naval base in the Black Sea

Ukrainian drones have targeted a Russian naval base in the Black Sea, a source in the Ukrainian security services (SBU) said on Friday (August 4th), after Russia reported an attack on its port of Novorossiysk.

A video shows a naval drone approaching a warship before the transmission cuts out shortly before impact. The source within the Ukrainian security services confirmed to AFP “the involvement of the SBU in the drone attack”. “The attack on the landing ship in Novorossiysk is successful”indicated this source, specifying that the operation was aimed precisely at this boat, the Olenegorski Gorniak.

► No explosives on the roofs of the Zaporizhia power plant

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) “did not observe any mines or explosives” on the roofs of Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, its director general Rafael Grossi said on Friday.

The organization had access on Thursday afternoon “without hindrance”after “repeated requests”to the roofs “of the two reactors and could also clearly see the roofs of the turbine halls”, he specified. Ukraine suspected the Russian forces, which occupied the site, of having placed mines or explosives there.

► Arrest in Poland of a Belarusian suspected of spying for Russia

Poland has arrested a Belarusian suspected of spying for Moscow in a “Russian spy ring” suspected of having wanted “derailing aid trains for Ukraine”and to develop “anti-Ukrainian feelings and against Poland’s aid to Ukraine”the Polish government said on Friday.

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“Belarusian Mikhail A. participated in the reconnaissance of military installations and ports. He also carried out propaganda activities for Russia”Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said on Twitter, renamed « X »adding that the man was the sixteenth person detained in connection with the alleged spy ring.

► The Russian Minister of Defense visits the area of ​​operation in Ukraine

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the area of ​​the operation in Ukraine to inspect a command post and meet with senior military officials, the Russian military said in a statement on Friday.

Sergei Shoigu was presented with a report on the current situation on the front and “thanked the commanders and the military (…) for successful offensive actions” in the Lyman area in eastern Ukraine, the Russian military said, without specifying when the move took place.

► Zelensky says frontline fighting is ‘tough’ but Ukraine ‘dominates’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted on Thursday evening that his counter-offensive was difficult but assured that his troops were dominating Russian forces.

“The occupiers are trying with all their might to stop our guys. The fighting is very violent”he acknowledged, nevertheless assuring that “whatever the enemy does, it is the Ukrainian army that dominates”.

► Russia says it repelled a Ukrainian attack on a naval base in the Black Sea

Russia said on Friday it repelled an attack by two Ukrainian maritime drones on its naval base in Novorossiysk on the Black Sea, which is also a major oil port.

“Unmanned boats were visually detected and destroyed by regular gunfire from Russian ships” protecting the naval base, the Russian Defense Ministry wrote on Telegram. According to the same source, 13 Ukrainian aerial drones were also shot down over Crimea.

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► The ruble at its lowest for 16 months, weighed down by inflation and capital flight

The ruble fell Thursday to its lowest level in 16 months, under the combined effect of renewed inflation in Russia and continued capital flight, against a backdrop of war in Ukraine.

The Russian currency fell to 94.9875 rubles per dollar, a first since late March 2022, in the first weeks of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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