what to remember from Sunday August 20

what to remember from Sunday August 20

2023-08-20 16:24:19

►Zelensky in the Netherlands to celebrate a future F-16 delivery

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky paid a surprise visit to the Netherlands on Sunday, August 20, two days after the United States gave the green light to the country’s supply of American F-16 fighter planes to Kiev. Resigning Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte welcomed the Ukrainian President to a Dutch Air Force base in Eindhoven. Mark Rutte confirmed the delivery, specifying that the Netherlands currently has 42 aircraft of this type but that he will have to speak with his international partners before deciding on the exact number destined for Kiev.

“This is another step towards strengthening Ukraine’s air shield”, welcomed Volodymyr Zelensky. Confirmation and details of delivery from the Netherlands to Ukraine of the devices are not yet known. The United States on Friday approved Denmark and the Netherlands to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine after Ukrainian pilots are trained. This training, provided by a coalition of 11 countries, was due to start this month and officials said they hope the pilots will be ready by early 2024.

Volodymyr Zelensky was the day before in Sweden to discuss with the Prime Minister of this country a new Swedish military aid package, in particular concerning the joint production of Swedish CV90 light tanks.

► A drone attack against Moscow

A new Ukrainian drone attack targeting Moscow and its region was intercepted on Sunday by the Russian army. According to the latter, “around 4 a.m. (1 a.m. GMT) an attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack by a drone on infrastructure in Moscow and the Moscow region was foiled”. None “crashed in an uninhabited area” et “There were no casualties or damage”.

Drones also targeted the Russian regions of Kursk in the west overnight, injuring five, and Rostov, on the border with Ukraine. This type of attacks on Russian soil is on the rise as part of the current counter-offensive by kyiv forces.

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► Chernihiv counts its dead

These drone attacks came the day after a deadly strike by Moscow forces in the heart of Chernihiv, in northern Ukraine. This strike took the population by surprise, in a city spared in recent months by large-scale attacks after being briefly surrounded by Russian forces at the start of the invasion, in February 2022. minus seven dead and more than 140 injured.

“At the moment, the work to clear the city center continues, construction machinery is at workwrote on Telegram on Sunday morning the governor of the Chernihiv region, Vyacheslav Chaouss. All the surrounding buildings are inspected to estimate the extent of the damage. »

Volodymyr Zelensky had denounced the attack the day before, pointing out that it had taken place on the day of the Transfiguration of the Lord, an important Orthodox holiday. “Under international law, intentionally targeting civilian objects constitutes a war crime. This is yet another illustration of Russia’s cowardice and cynicism.”reacted for its part French diplomacy.


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