what to remember from the day of Friday July 14

what to remember from the day of Friday July 14

2023-07-14 12:00:52

► kyiv’s counter-offensive “is not advancing so quickly”, admits the Ukrainian presidency

The kyiv counter-offensive, faced with resistance from Russian forces, “don’t go so fast”admitted on Friday July 14 the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration Andrei Yermak.

“If we see that something is not right, we will say so. No one is going to embellish” the situation, he added. Andrei Iermak also assured that the Western allies were not putting pressure on kyiv on this subject. “There is no pressure, just a question: ‘how can we help you further?’ »he assured.

Ukraine will not negotiate with Russia as long as Moscow’s troops are on Ukrainian territory, Andrei Iermak also argued.

► Ukraine says it shot down 16 out of 17 Russian explosive drones overnight

The Ukrainian air force said on Friday July 14 that it had shot down 16 explosive drones out of the 17 launched by Russia overnight. From Thursday evening to Friday morning, Russia has “attacked Ukraine with 17 Iranian-made Shahed 136/131 combat drones from the southeast”said the Ukrainian army on Telegram, claiming to have destroyed 16.

► kyiv says it has progressed by almost 2 km in a week towards the south

The Ukrainian army has advanced, as part of its counter-offensive, 1.7 kilometers in a week towards Melitopol, in the southern zone of the front, a military spokesman announced on Friday.

Ukrainian Armed Forces “continue to carry out offensive operations” in the direction of Melitopol, an important Ukrainian city under Russian control, and “the assault brigades supported by tanks advanced 1.7 km” in a week in this area, specified during a briefing this spokesman, Colonel Mykola Ourchalovitch.

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► Wagner would no longer participate “significantly” in the fighting in Ukraine

Mercenaries of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner no longer participate ” in a significative way “ to combat operations in Ukraine, the Pentagon said on Thursday, two weeks after the group’s fighters’ abortive mutiny.

“At this point, we do not see Wagner’s forces participating significantly in combat operations in Ukraine”, Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder said at a press conference. The United States believes that ” the majority “ Wagner fighters are still in Ukrainian areas occupied by Russia.

The Pentagon’s announcement comes a fortnight after the Wagner Group, which played a key role in Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine, sought to overthrow Russian military leadership in a flash revolt.

► Wagner fighters began working as “instructors” in Belarus

The fighters of the paramilitary group Wagner began to work as « instructors » for the territorial defense forces of Belarus, Minsk announced on Friday, three weeks after the aborted Wagner rebellion in Russia. “Training sessions with units of territorial troops are taking place near Asipovichy”in the east of the country, the Belarusian Defense Ministry said, adding that these conscripts learn, among other things, “the techniques of movement on the battlefield and tactical shooting”.

► The Kremlin says it is considering legalizing private military companies in Russia

The Kremlin said on Friday it was considering legalizing private military companies, including the Wagner Group, whose existence is still not currently authorized by Russian law. “Legally, the private military company Wagner does not exist and never has existed, it is a question to be studied, to be examined further”Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, noting that this is a “fairly complex question”.

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