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BerlinA well-known phrase and a Nobel Prize-winning novel underpin what a musician gave me on Friday evening. “You will be able to tell about this in the office on Monday,” said Iiro Rantala, motivating his audience to sing along.

Since, as in kindergarten, I am still enthusiastic when there is something funny to join in, I, like many others, belted out a song for the first time in the funniest of all Berlin operas. I quickly forgot which one it was, but I still think of the motivational aid today. It is customary to draw a conclusion, and that’s how I do it here: Iiro, that was nice with and with you that evening. I was happy, everything was perfect, the music and the humor carry me into the new week two long days later.

As I pondered over the summaries, I remembered the wonderful book about the life of a passionate servant. He had always placed himself under the needs of his employer, ironically suppressed his emotions. Now, decades later, in the evening of his life, he is standing in front of a woman who wanted to love him. This leaves him in deep doubt as to whether his decisions were the right ones. As I read side by side, I enjoyed the protagonist’s mood, understanding that the servant’s refusal is strengthening his pride and hoping for a good result. The title of the novel “What was left of the day” by Kazuo Ishiguro goes in the direction of the phrase “At the end of the day”. About twenty years ago I noticed the arrival of the saying, which had been used for a long time in the English-speaking area, here in Germany. I actually found the phrase pretty nice, but the frequent use of it led to the exhaustion of my exhilaration. “At the end of the day” now seems to have reached an advanced point in its life cycle – the lid is on.

Relaxed, I went to the office on Monday morning, there we talked about the election for the coming weekend. How were the three candidates at the Triell, what performance can be expected in the coming week, who will ultimately win the race, how will Germany vote, will it vote correctly?

A lasting memory strengthens the turbulent everyday life. So the résumé is always linked to hope. See you again with musicians and friends. To a change for the better.


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