What we know about Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai as the UN calls for probe into her whereabouts || What is the story of the magical tennis player Peng Shuai? America asking China

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The United States has demanded that China provide evidence that former tennis player Peng Xuai is in good health.

Record: November 21, 2021 00:05

Former Chinese tennis player Peng Xuwai (age 35). Zhang Koli, the country’s former deputy prime minister and one of the leaders of the ruling Communist Party, has been accused of sexual misconduct.

He has been in a trance since the day he posted the allegation on the Peng Xuai social networking site. Where is he? What happened? There is no information as to.

Zhang Koli, who has been accused of sexual harassment, appears to be very close to President Jinping. This raises the suspicion that the Chinese government may be behind the Peng Chuai magic. Thus the issue has received international attention. The United States has demanded that China provide support to ensure the well-being of tennis player Peng Xu.

White House spokesman Zhen Zhao said: “Joe Biden’s management wants China to provide” independent, verifiable evidence of where and how Peng Xu is, “and expresses deep concern about the tennis player.

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