what what what? Recognized her late husband in an Indian restaurant 9 years after his death

what what what?  Recognized her late husband in an Indian restaurant 9 years after his death

Pace Cottage, a restaurant in the village of Westbourne, West Sussex, England, posted a clip on its Facebook page last week showing tables full of diners enjoying their favorite dishes. But in the comments to the video, one surprised woman asked the editors of the page when the photos were taken, because according to her, she recognized her late husband and his son among the diners – even though he died in 2014.

The clip was uploaded to the Spice Cottage restaurant’s Facebook page on January 16, under the title: “New year, new mood! In the last few weeks we have worked hard to make the flavors here unforgettable. Join us for a perfect combination of refined flavors, with classic and unique dishes inspired by recipes ancient traditionalists”.

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In the comments, Lucy Watson asked: “When was the video taken? My husband and his son are there but he died in 2014.” While it is possible that the restaurant is using old footage, the business owners responded to Watson and insisted that the video was taken earlier this month and not nine or more years ago. “Hi Lucy, sorry to hear about this, but the video was taken last week.”

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Following the thread of the two, many surfers also started writing to the widow, as they demanded answers to where her discovery unfolded. “You have to write us what’s going on,” wrote one surfer, while another responded: “Can we get an update?”.

Some of the commenters even exchanged theories and some claimed that it was a “genius marketing trick” on behalf of the restaurant, since thanks to the response the post became particularly viral.


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