What would you do if you could travel through time in exchange for 83 seconds of pain?

What would you do if you could travel through time in exchange for 83 seconds of pain?

2023-06-02 19:17:17

83 seconds (Minotauro Editions), the first novel by César G. Antón, plunges into the genre of time jumps in search of a second chance for that lost generation; between boomers and millennials, the last ones who grew up without internet.

Víctor Piñol, a lonely guy marked by an adolescent trauma, will see how his anodyne life as a news editor for a television channel turns into an odyssey on the day of his thirty-fifth birthday. It will be then that he discovers that gift of jumping back in time for which he has to pay 83 seconds of pain.

A novel of love, nostalgia, redemption, that teaches you that you can know your past better, understand it, learn from it, but that it is not so easy to change it.

83 seconds is above all a story about friendship, in which the ties that are tied at school are not comparable with those that you can tie later. The adventure of a hero by accident in the streets, bars and centennial restaurants of Madrid in the year 2000. A journey full of nostalgia, which recalls adolescence in the southern neighborhoods of the capital in the eighties; between quinquis, junkies and football matches on dirt fields.

83 seconds.

Cesar G. Anton (Madrid, 1976). Graduated in journalism. After going through various press and television newsrooms, at the age of 29 he became director of the news programs of laSexta, a position he continues to hold today. Under his direction and together with his team, he has created television programs such as Al Rojo Vivo, Más Vale Tarde, la Sexta Columna, la Sexta Noche, la Sexta Clave or Xplica.

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded him the Talent award for his professional career behind the cameras. Burgos at heart and Madrid by adoption, he is the father of two children and this is his first novel.

About Minotaur editions

Minotauro is the publishing house specialized in literature fantasy and science fiction from Grupo Planeta, which he joined in 2001, 45 years after its foundation in Argentina.

Editor of the complete works of JRR Tolkien, Minotaur includes authors such as Philip K. Dick; Ray Bradbury, creator of the mythical Martian Chronicles; Ursula K. Le Guin, creator of Terramar; William Gibson, father of cyberpunk or Kim Stanley Robinson, author of the Mars Trilogy. It also has successful Spanish authors such as Carlos Sisí.

Since 2003, it has convened the Minotauro Prize, the International Prize for Science Fiction and Fantastic Literature, which has been consolidated in its vocation to promote the fantastic genre literature and science fiction in Spanish and to become a projection platform for Spanish and Latin American authors of the genre. The genre collection originally in Spanish Planeta Laberinto was also born with the same motor vocation, with authors such as Elia Barceló, Víctor Conde, Francisca Solar…

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