What’s going on between Dana Ben Ari and the other “new love” girls?

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What’s going on between Dana Ben Ari and the other “new love” girls?

“New Love” star Dana Ben Ari Brought up a story last night (Monday) with tears in which she excitedly told that she reached 100,000 followers and she is amazed to find that they love her and thus shared: “I thought they would judge me and criticize me and look at me like a strange bird, my dream was to love me in my country. .

But despite the amounts of love she receives from reality viewers, it seems that in the girls’ arena “new love” is less popular. A close-knit “New Love” reported to the section exclusively: “There is a bad atmosphere between them, something is standing there in the middle, it’s something that started with filming and continued even after.”

Dana Ben Ari in tears: “I thought I would be a weird chicken” (Photo: Instagram)

For sight last night she replied Al Adida To her followers for questions, and when asked: “Who was your best friend?”, She returned to all the girls a new love Mariana Deitz andShani Golan, But completely missed the name of Dana Ben Ari, and so she wrote: “In the show I loved all the girls, and I was really happy about it, with Mariana I had amazing conversations and we have to this day every two days, in the show of course Shani was my best friend and it also continued After that, we live one street apart. ”

Al Adida, New Love (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

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