WhatsApp digs: increases the groups 4 times

WhatsApp digs: increases the groups 4 times

According to a report by the WABetaInfo website, the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, which was released last night (Tuesday), includes a significant change for group administrators: group names, which were limited to 25 characters until now, have been expanded to 100 characters, while group descriptions have been extended from 512 characters to 2,048 characters.

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This is a quadrupling of both the length of the names and the length of the descriptions of the groups. On the one hand, this will allow administrators to include in these fields more accurate descriptions of the groups, which will make it clear to potential joiners or existing users what their purpose is – and especially what not to do in them. But this will mean that group names will be too long to be displayed in one line, and it will be necessary to go to the information page to see their full name, while the description – well, for comparison we will tell you in this article (not including the title and subtitle, yes including these brackets and any paragraph around them ) has 990 characters. That is, group descriptions will be more than twice as long as an average article on Ace, and closer to the length of the long articles that no one reads.


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