WhatsApp launched a new Windows version that works even without the phone

After the web version that no longer needs a permanent connection to the network or even for your device to work to send messages, the native application for Windows will also allow this

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In the last few weeks, WhatsApp is in a good momentum of new features that are finally coming to the application. From the ability to quietly leave groups, extending the time for deleting messages to basic capabilities such as the ability to delete user messages by group administrators. Now, one of the biggest revolutions of the application, also comes to the world’s most popular computer operating system.

No need for a phone

In June 2021, WhatsApp announced one of its most important moves in recent years – the ability to connect to up to four devices at the same time, along with eliminating the need to connect your device to the network so that you can receive and send messages in the application through the computer.

It started with a beta for its web interface, which slowly reached more and more users, and eventually became a standard – even if it was not made in the best way. You have also probably noticed that the web interface falters, interrupts sessions without prior notice, does not give you access to all the old messages in conversations and the hand is still tilted.

And after bringing the revolution to the web interface, WhatsApp extends the deployment of its capability to its native application for Windows as well. An update to the WhatsApp FAQ page reveals that the application you can install from the Microsoft store on your PCs will have the same support as the web interface – and all you need to do is connect once with your device and then you’re all set.

More such stories are waiting for you now

More such stories are waiting for you now
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According to WhatsApp itself, the upgrade that is now coming to the dedicated application for Windows should solve the bugs that its web version brought with it in its new and more convenient format – on paper. Since it is a native app it should run faster and be more reliable, which cannot be said about the redesigned web version of WhatsApp.

However, even the update to the web initially felt like a promise until the bugs that damaged the user experience began to appear, so it is still difficult to judge whether the situation will be better in the native application for Windows. WhatsApp states that a similar application is now under development for Mac users as well.

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