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2023-09-30 12:04:59

During the “Connect” event, in which Meta presented new products for its platforms and applications, in addition to improved versions of hardware such as virtual reality glasses, Meta Quest 3, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg also announced that WhatsApp would have new functions that would be supported by artificial intelligence.

In principle, generative artificial intelligence will be dedicated to generating plugins for messages when users interact with each other in a private chat or in a group conversation. According to Meta, “these are the first steps in what we hope will be a long path of experimentation for everyone.”

One of the ways in which you can interact with this digital tool will be through the creation of stickers through prompts or special indications in a special menu dedicated to “Emu”, Meta’s artificial intelligence oriented specifically to this activity and which is powered by “Llama 2” technology, a similar software also created by the company.

Meta announces new artificial intelligence tools for WhatsApp. (Capture/Goal)

To access this feature, users must enter the WhatsApp application and select any chat (private or group) in which to start or continue a conversation. In the stickers section, you will find an additional space with a button called “Create” at the beginning of the list of images that can be sent.

This button will open an additional pop-up window called “Create stickers with AI” in which only a text box will be displayed in which you can enter any description or indication. After telling “Emu” what you want, the software will generate several options with this theme automatically and that can be sent directly.

Even after using any of them, users will be able to save these images as if they were any sticker. In addition, a special icon will be included next to it in which you can identify which image was generated with artificial intelligence.

Meta announces new artificial intelligence tools for WhatsApp. (Capture/Goal)

As in the case of ChatGPT, Meta also presented its own version of a chatbot that can be interacted with not only from an individual or specialized conversation window, but can also be integrated into group conversations.

“With Meta AI, you can ask any question to learn more about the topics that interest you or try to resolve a debate in a group chat.” Likewise, it was emphasized that the chatbots generated by the company can also have different personalities that respond in different ways to the stimuli sent by users.

Meta’s artificial intelligence can also be mentioned directly in a special message just by typing the character “@” and selecting “Meta AI”, which will appear in the options as part of group chats. Likewise, the program will respond directly quoting the message in which it was mentioned.

Meta announces new artificial intelligence tools for WhatsApp. (Capture/Goal)

During the company’s Connect event, Zuckerberg also announced that these chatbots will act as virtual assistants for any user and that they will not only be present in WhatsApp, but can also be used in other applications such as Messenger and Instagram in the same way.

The CEO of Meta indicated that these developments would be arriving progressively during the last months of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

In a post on its official blog, Meta also indicated that although its artificial intelligence can read the messages sent directly to it, all its content will be inaccessible to the company as they are protected with the end-to-end encryption function.


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