WhatsApp now lets you react to messages with any emoji

WhatsApp now lets you react to messages with any emoji

WhatsApp already allows users who want to react to the messages they receive through the platform with any of the emojis available in the application. This has been announced Mark Zuckerbergexecutive director of Metathe company that owns the ‘app’, in a statement shared through its Facebook account.

The app has already started allowing Internet users to react to messages with emoticons. Although, until now, there were only a few available. Specifically, six.

With the expansion of functionality, the number of emojis that users can use grows exponentially. In this way, when the Internet user wants to react to a message on WhatsApp, he will have to continue clicking on the specific message in which he wants to use a emoji.

At the moment in which the available emoticons are displayed, in addition to the original six, the Internet user will find a new option that appears in an icon with the ‘+’ symbol. If you ‘click’ on it, the rest of the emoticons compatible with the application will appear on the screen.

The funcionality It is now available for iOS devices, i.e. iPhone, and Android. To use it, the user must update the app to the latest version available.


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